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Don Brinkley

(Assistant Coach)

Don Brinkley

Don took up triathlon after the birth of his twin children in 2014 as a means of improving his health and reaching a new level of fitness. His goal was to ensure that he could continue to keep up with his growing kids, so he set upon a journey to complete an Ironman distance race within the next five years. Don joined MMTC in 2014, completed his first sprint triathlon in 2015, and went on to complete Ironman Maryland in 2017 and Ironman Lake Placid in 2019, as well as countless Olympic and half-Iron distance races in between. In the process, he discovered a true love of long-distance triathlon, with an emphasis on running.

Outside of triathlon, Don has over 20 years of experience in federal government contracting, with a current emphasis on financial and operations management. He is passionate about designing and implementing business processes through the development and improvement of high functioning teams. In his free time, Don enjoys board and video games, sports, travel, and good food. Don’s passion for triathlon is mirrored by his children, Donald and Zelda, who joined the MMTC Youth Team in 2023 and completed three races in their first season. Their enthusiasm for the sport led to Don becoming a certified USAT Level I Coach to better contribute to the growth of the next generation of triathletes.

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