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Becky Arturo

(Travel & High School Team Head Coach)

Becky Arturo

Becky Arturo is a USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, RRCA certified coach, NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, ACSM certified personal trainer, and licensed physical therapist with a doctorate degree from Duquesne University. She gained interest in her professional career as a PT when she started working at a local YMCA. She taught youth and adult swim lessons, worked as a lifeguard and helped with various youth programs and activities. This sparked an interest in an instructional professional career, as well as continued interest in youth development. Throughout her undergraduate degree she was involved with many community youth programs, taught local youth gymnastics classes, and volunteered as a coach with the special Olympics for swimming and track & field.

Once she reached graduate school in Pittsburgh, she began working as an assistant swim coach for the local YMCA youth team and volunteering for other various youth community programs. Helping with one of those programs, Project RUN, is where she met her now husband, Nick, who worked for the Pittsburgh Marathon as their registered dietitian.

Becky and Nick have since moved to Maryland together to grow their professional careers. Being endurance athletes themselves, Becky and Nick decided to take their coaching background to the next level and start their own endurance coaching business. While Becky and Nick have largely been working with adult triathletes, coaching the youth team is the perfect way for the two of them to give back to the community and get back to their initial roots of youth development.

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