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S.E.T.-MMTC Youth Team


Welcome to the S.E.T.—Mid Maryland Youth Triathlon Team

We are passionate about the multisport and endurance lifestyle, especially triathlon, and we are so pleased that you have a youth athlete considering triathlon. Please keep reading to learn more about the benefits of triathlon, and to find which team will be the best fit for your athlete.


Development Team

The goal of this team is to develop youth athletes’ passion for triathlon and basic skills through fun filled activities. This team is best for athletes who are not ready to commit to racing but are interested in developing their fitness and triathlon skills in a fun filled environment.

The Benefits

We believe that youth triathlon teaches teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, perseverance, respect, and how to represent oneself, team, and family well. We’ve developed a diverse team of USAT certified coaches with a youth and junior focus, who create a safe, fun environment where youth can develop their triathlon and more importantly life skills.

We do this all in a positive, encouraging environment with the support of S.E.T.’s entire team behind them.  In 2024 S.E.T. will operate its Howard County based youth team under the Mid Maryland Triathlon Club (MMTC) name and kit. For more about our youth team’s story see below.

The Future

Triathlon promotes an active, healthy lifestyle in a fun environment, and it affords athletes a path to continue their lifestyle and values into college.


NCAA Triathlon is an NCAA emerging women’s varsity sport with 42 DI, DII, and DIII member institutions and is on the doorstep of full fledge varsity status.


 Collegiate Club Triathlon has 10 conferences with dozens of men’s and women’s club teams, whose prospective members are highly sought-after potential students, and can travel and compete nationally, including at the USAT Collegiate National Championships.


Age Groups

Our team follows USA Triathlon (USAT) age rules.  USAT calculates age based on age as of December 31 of the current calendar year.  For example, an athlete born on May 15, 2017, will be on the 7–8-year-old team, and race the entire 2024 season as a 7-year-old.  Please see the age calculator below to determine the athlete age.

S.E.T. Scholarships

S.E.T. believes that no youth athlete should be excluded from triathlon due to finances.  Needs based scholarships are available to cover the cost of team fees and gear, and we will host a gear closet an  swaps in future seasons.

Parent Volunteer Requirements:

Parents are required to serve as race day event volunteers at least once per season and may be asked to occasionally assist with ensuring safety at practices (e.g., helping with course set up, monitoring traffic entry in parking areas).  Parents who would like to be more involved should contact us about becoming SafeSport certified.


Indoor Group Cycling Classes

We offer coach-led indoor winter cycling classes. We provide coach designed and led programs, customizable to athlete’s experience and fitness level, conducted in a group virtual or face-to-face environment.

Training Camps

Coach-led, local training camps, with lodging, catering by a registered dietician, and expert clinicians in a safe fun-filled environment.


We provide full-service youth triathlon coaching with all our youth teams.

The Youth Team Story

In July 2022 Henry Shoemaker, then MMTC Treasurer, proposed creation of the MMTC Youth Triathlon Team to provide opportunities for youth triathletes in central Maryland. Henry went on to serve as MMTC President in 2023. Eventually as the youth team began to outgrow the MMTC 501C3 infrastructure, the MMTC board of directors decided to separate the adult club and youth team to ensure both continued to flourish.


Henry stepped down as MMTC President to focus on the growth of the sport, and the youth team. S.E.T. was born. However, our youth team’s roots in MMTC and the MMTC support of youth triathlon continues through a partnership whereby the Youth Team continues to race under the MMTC name and race kit.

In 2023 S.E.T. partnered with Crossing Currents Aquatics to assume operations of the Chesapeake Youth Triathlon Team.  In 2024, the Chesapeake team was combined with the MMTC Youth Team practicing in Howard County Maryland at convenient locations near I95 and MD Rte 100.  In 2025, we hope to field a large enough team to include a separate Anne Arundel County practice location. 


Interested in starting a S.E.T. Youth Team in your area?  Contact us. 

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