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High School Team

The goal of this team is to keep youth athletes who do not choose a draft legal path, or who are still preparing for a draft legal path engaged in the sport of triathlon through high school by practicing and racing with likeminded same age peers. Athletes will learn experience-appropriate skills and develop the necessary endurance to compete at longer sprint distance triathlons. We ask that athletes commit to the East Coast Triathlon Festival (Richmond, VA), Maryland State High School Triathlon Championship (Rock Hall Maryland, Tentative), and USA Triathlon Youth and Junior National Championship (Milwaukee, WI, Tentative) and at least three, but as many team scheduled youth events as possible.

NOTE: We can construct a modified, non-open water schedule for less experienced high school athletes.

Requirements: Year-round swim team (or proof of year-round lessons), unless competing in a modified race schedule without open water swimming, demonstrated ability to meet swim time standards, handle a bike safely in groups and commitment to transition to road bike at an experience-appropriate time, and demonstrated ability to meet the run time standards. Parent volunteer at one or more team events. Preferred minimum: Year-round swim team, open water experience, road bike use, and off season run and bike training.

Ages: June 1st after 8th grade graduation and continuing until September 1st after senior year.

Fee: $499

Race Schedule

Columbia Gateway Duathlon
April 14, 2024
Downton Columbia 5k
April 21, 2024
East Coast Triathlon Festival (Open Water)
May 5, 2024
MD High School State Championship at Rock Hall Triathlon (Open Water)
June 2, 2024
Multisport National Championship (Open Water, Duathlon or Aquabike ONLY)
June 9, 2024
Columbia Association Triathlon (16O only)
July 21, 2024
Lake Montclair Triathlon (Open Water Splash and Dash)
June 23, 2024
Hagerstown Youth Triathlon (15U only)
July 6, 2024
Hagerstown Sprint Triathlon (16O only)
July 7, 2024
Columbia Associate Kids Triathlon (15U only)
July 21, 2024
Kenzie Rose Youth Triathlon
August xx, 2024
USAT Youth and Junior Nationals (Location TBD)
August 4, 2024 (tentative)

Gear List

Tri Kit (race suit)—Required

Running Shoes (Quick Laces

Bicycle—Required (Safe and Working, Road Bike


Eye Protection/Sunglasses (Optional)

Heart Rate Monitor and Chest Strap (Required)

Travel Costs—Required

Race Entry Fees—Required

Swim Goggles—Required

Water Bottle—Provided


Race Belt--Provided

Training Peaks Account (Required)

USAT Membership—Provided

Practice locations: Mid-Week:  Anne Arundel County (e.g. Kinder Farm).  Weekend:  Howard County

Practice Schedule

High School
July 16 Aug 11
TBD Weekday & Sunday
TBD Weekday & Sunday
TBD Weekday & Sunday
TBD Weekday & Sunday
June 12-July 14
TBD Weekday & Sunday
TBD Weekday & Sunday
Tuesday & Sunday
Tuesday & Sunday
Tuesday & Sunday
May 12-Jun 9
TBD Weekday & Sunday
TBD Weekday & Sunday
Wednesday & Sunday
Wednesday & Sunday
Wednesday & Sunday
April 3-May 8
Wednesday & Sunday
Wednesday & Sunday
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