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Adult Triathlon and Duathlon Teams


Welcome to S.E.T.

S.E.T. is passionate about triathlon and the endurance sports lifestyle, and we are so pleased that you are considering becoming a part of S.E.T. If you aren’t already addicted to the lifestyle, we hope you will be very soon. Please keep reading to learn more about the benefits of triathlon and endurance sports, and to find which of our teams will be the best fit for you.

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The Benefits of Triathlon

Triathlon and endurance sports promote an active, healthy lifestyle and that includes the mental benefits associated with physical activity. S.E.T. has built a community of people who love training and racing endurance sports in a fun-filled environment.


Keep reading to find and join the right S.E.T. for you. Then, let’s get started to help you achieve your goals with the support of S.E.T.’s entire team behind them.

The Teams:


Beginner Team

The goal of this team is to develop athletes’ passion for triathlon and the associated endurance sports, and provide the necessary knowledge, fitness, and skills to complete their first triathlon or endurance race.

  • What exactly is S.E.T.?
    S.E.T. is a collective of multisport athletes, families, coaches, and business partners who love to race endurance sports and support the endurance sport community and lifestyle. We believe that keeping joy in endurance sports is critical to keeping people in the multisport and endurance sport lifestyle. Thus, our mission to provide the absolute best multisport skill development, training opportunities, and race day experiences. We believe that training and racing multisport should be fun, and after almost a decade of supporting local, regional, and national multisport training and racing, we are excited to offer that support to the S.E.T. teams.
  • Would I fit in on a S.E.T. team?
    Yes. We have a team for everyone from beginners to elites, youth to masters. Our common bond is that we LOVE to RACE, and to support those who do! We are conventional triathletes, offroad triathletes, endurance swimmers, road, mountain, and gravel cyclists, road and trail runners, swim runners, aqua bikers, and adventure racers. We are learn to swimmers and Bay Swim finishers. We are Kent Island Connectors, Century Riders, Grand Fondos, Mountain Bike Epics, and 200-mile Gravel Grinders. We are couch to 5k’ers, Boston finishers, and want to be Leadville legends. We are aspiring first time triathletes and Kona Qualifiers.
  • Can I join S.E.T.'s Adult Team if I already have a coach or am a member of a club?
    Yes! We provide access to our coaching partners, but we are coaching agnostic. We want you to have the best coach for YOU. You can still take full advantage of our team environment, group training offerings, full race day support, and other services. We are not absolutist, and we will never contradict your coaches direction. We will support you, answer your questions, and refer you to resources. In addition, we advocate for joining a traditional triathlon club. We believe triathlon clubs are a critical social component to the overall multisport experience, and provide great benefit. We can help connect you with a club in your local area.
  • How did you come up with the name Syndicate Endurance Team?
    This team was formed to fill serious voids in the triathlon, multisport, and endurance sports community. We strongly believe it is going to take a massive effort to grow multisport to it's full potential. We cannot do that alone and we knew we would need a collective of the brightest minds, biggest hearts, and most generous partners to support these teams of endurance athletes. They are the Syndicate!
  • What services does S.E.T. offer?
    Youth Teams for All Levels (with U.S.A.T. Certified Coaching) Paratriathlon Team (Local, Regional, and National Racing) Development Team (Non-Racing) Competitive Team (Local Racing) Travel Team (Local, Regional, and National Racing) High School Team (Local Racing) Adult Race Teams for All levels. Paratriathlon Team (Local, Regional, and National Racing) Beginner Tri Team (Learn to Tri with U.S.A.T. Certified Coaching) Social Ambassador (Support Team) Competitive Race Team (Learn to Race) Race Team (Podium to Championship) Coached Group Training Unparalleled Race Day Support Indoor Cycling Training Training Camps and Clinics Race and Ambassador Team Management Do you have an existing ambassador team or program? Let us take your team to the next level all while taking the day-to-day team operations responsibilities off your plate. We offer a Beginner Tri program with U.S.A.T. Certified Coaching, Coach led group training, race day support, access to our affiliated partners including USAT Certified Triathlon Coaches, Nutrition Coaches (Registered Dieticians), Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Performance Testing (V02, VLAMax, Threshold, Caloric Information, Work Rest Ratios and more), and a Professional Statistician. Outside Ambassador teams also receive access to our training camps, clinics, and race entry, gear, and service discounts.
  • Do I have to wear the S.E.T. Adult Kit in all of my races?
    No. Of course we would love that, but we recognize folks have favorite kit brands, or prefer to wear their coaches' team kit, or local tri club kit in certain races. We support our athletes wearing the kit that works best for each of their races. However, we do have minimum season race requirements in our kit, and you are obligated to buy the S.E.T. kit when you join.

We Also Offer:

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